Jan Shanks, M.Ed., CPCC, ACC
Career & Transition Coach

An Advocate for Your Success

Do you feel sidelined, or stuck, in your career? Are you longing for something more, something better or something different? Have important professional goals been put on the back burner? Is it time to evaluate your career options for a new career choice?

As a certified career and transition coach I guide individuals and business professionals in finding the career fulfillment and personal success that’s missing in their lives. As your personal advocate, I’ll champion and challenge you while leading you through an exploration of your values and an honest discovery of what’s important for you, as well as help you set and achieve goals. Together, we’ll uncover your true, confident self and begin building a meaningful action plan that will set your career on a path for success. Let’s get started!


“Often times the mountain can appear quite ominous and daunting. And yet, as you ski down the mountain, you focus on what’s immediately ahead...”  --Jan Shanks